Golf: The Science and the Art by Leon Z. Seltzer

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Golf: The Science and the Art
Golf: The Science and the Art
Leon Z. Seltzer
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Tate Publishing & Enterprises (January 22, 2008)
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Everyone knows the name Callaway. The Callaway Golf Company is world famous for its premium golf equipment. What most people do not know is that Ely Callaway might never have gotten his golf manufacturing company off the ground without the expertise offered by the world's premiere golf physicist-Leon Z. Seltzer. Goldwin Golf has described Seltzer as 'the engineer physicist with a passion for golf...a rare individual with equal measures of scientific stature and golf fanaticism. He is respected by his peers and renowned for his theories that have shaped some of the major companies in golf. He is a man with a deep love for the sport, as well as being a fine historian and was one of the better amateur golfers in the country.' John Wong of Hireko Golf says Seltzer's innovative articles 'have given me a much more complete understanding of the how's, why's and what if's of golf physics. He is truly the Grand Master of golf physics.' Golf: The Science and the Art is a wide-ranging must read for students of the game, as well as a technical primer for the professional seeking an understanding of the science of golf. Much more than a technical book, Seltzer also discusses the history of the game, how to master the golf swing and practical keys to lowering your score in the world's most beloved sport. If you're going to purchase one book on golf, look no further than Golf: The Science and the Art. For twenty years Leon Z. Seltzer-who coined the Callaway expression 'you can't argue with physics'-served as a technical consultant for Callaway Golf, Goldwin Golf, Orlimar and several other top manufacturers, sharing his expertise with the finest minds in golf. Now he is ready to share it with you in Golf: The Science and the Art.

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