'The No-Way Out Syndrome' - Robert Taylor Homes Coup de tat' by Tyrone Galtney, Stephenaupolous Goldmanbaum, Bernard Mitchell III

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'The No-Way Out Syndrome' - Robert Taylor Homes Coup de tat'
'The No-Way Out Syndrome' - Robert Taylor Homes Coup de tat'
Tyrone Galtney, Stephenaupolous Goldmanbaum, Bernard Mitchell III
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Tyrone Galtney a.k.a. Galtney Global Press; 1st edition (April 30, 2009)
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In this shocking and engaging book, Tyrone Galtney, a Former Black Community Activist, Researcher & Former resident of Robert Taylor Homes walks you through the assassination of Robert Taylor Homes: the former largest public housing development of the nation.
He places you right at the scene of a real life startling event that has had an impact on the Black votes in the city of Chicago, and throughout the Inner-City nationwide.

Through experience, comparison and analysis and a thorough examination, he reveals the evil behind this whole injustice of a poor people:
The Daley Machine Politicial Hamburg Gangsters who have battled to keep the control of Chicago out of the hands of Blacks, after the death of the First Black Mayor of Chicago, Harold Washington.
It would not be an easy task. Mayor Daley (known as Lil Richie in the book) would have to call for help from the White House in order to fulfill such a mission.

The 'Racism' and 'superior-power' of Mayor Daley as Lil Richie and President Clinton known as 'Dollar Bill' in the book is both thought provocative and shocking, revealing one of America s best kept secret.
Tyrone dispels the poverty and crime myths with thought provocative research. It is definitely a guide to Black Public Housing racism at its finest.

In this book three black men from Chicago Housing Authority projects will stand up against an evil political empire, a machine full of politics used to displace extremely low-income mothers and their children in order for a dictator to remain in power forever.
He believes that just as many working class citizens are losing their homes in droves do to the real-estate market bubble burst caused by 'predatory Lending'<i/>,
that people need to know the full truth about the hidden affect transformation from public housing to the rental market is having on extremely low-income families who are being forced out,
on to the street despite the mayor s potential for the Olympics 2016 bid in Chicago driven by a Dictating and Racist Mayor full of 'Machine Politics' passed down by his father Richard J. Daley a 'Hamburg Gangster' from the Bridgeport Neighborhood in Chicago.

Each city has its own identity and its own rules. In Chicago, the rules are dictated by one man Mayor Richard M. Daley (Lil Richie) who is a corrupt politician at heart controlling even
'The Whitehouse' through Rahm Emmanuel the present President Barack O'bama's 'Chief of Staff.'

For single low-income women, being displaced from public housing in Chicago, Illinois, and finding a stable place to stay is a hard task.
Especially, when you are being used as a ploy to dilute the black votes by a dictatorial mayor who has animosity against blacks for defeating him by electing the first black mayor of Chicago (the former mayor Harold Washington).
Mayor Daley with his machine politics would stop at nothing to prevent this from ever happening again. There were three men who stepped up to the plate and defended these helpless mothers against his rage
rampaging throughout Robert Taylor Homes (the largest housing development in the nation).

He would have to call for help from the Whitehouse in order to complete such a task; but, it would come at a steep price. After being one of the key activists who brought this wrong to the nation. I feel qualified to tell the tale about how these residents suffer from the no-way-out syndrome.

This book tells a real life story of what life was like in Robert Taylor Homes from an insiders point of view given in the raw, "Tell It - like It Is" provocative and shocking way.

'The No-Way Out Syndrome' - Robert Taylor Homes Coup de tat' by Tyrone Galtney, Stephenaupolous Goldmanbaum, Bernard Mitchell III - free download

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