Game Day: My Life on and Off the Field by Derek Jeter

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Game Day: My Life on and Off the Field
Game Day: My Life on and Off the Field
Derek Jeter
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Topeka Bindery (August 2001)
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What is it really like being a superstar shortstop with four World Series rings, MVP awards from the All-Star Game and the World Series, and a long-term contract playing for the best team in baseball? In Game Day, New York Yankee Derek Jeter takes you behind the scenes for an intimate look at his life on and off the field during spring training, the regular season, and the 2000 World Series.

With never-before-seen photographs that capture private moments at home and public moments at home plate, Game Day is a unique look at how a world-class athlete like Derek Jeter is able to push himself to win, whether it is the 50th game of the 162-game season or Game 5 of the World Series. Divided into three parts, Game Day invites Derek ’s fans to see how he gets ready every year for spring training, how he makes it through grueling regular-season games, and how he tackles each game in the postseason, where every run scored and every play made is the difference between going home in victory or in defeat.

Beautifully designed and full of exclusive, candid shots, Game Day is a true insider ’s peek into Derek ’s life. Fans can see Derek warming up with fellow Yankees at spring training and before games, goofing off with Bernie Williams, sharing a meal with Tino Martinez, relaxing at his home in Tampa, getting his hair cut at his apartment in New York, working out to stay in shape all season, walking the streets of the Big Apple, hugging his parents and sister after winning the World Series, and making the big plays that have made him one of the most thrilling baseball players in the major leagues today. And fans can read about how Derek approaches each game, hones his skills, sharpens his mental focus, and stays competitive throughout the entire season, leading up to the biggest game days of all: the championship play-offs and the World Series.

Game Day goes beyond the roped-off sections of the stadiums and gives fans a perfect picture of what it ’s like to be baseball ’s most popular rising star.

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