Artificial Superintelligence by Azamat Abdoullaev

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Artificial Superintelligence
Artificial Superintelligence
Azamat Abdoullaev
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F.I.S. Intelligent Systems; 1 edition (June 1999)
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What is the ultimate objective of humanity? Increasingly, it promises to be the same as the final cause of Artificial Intelligence: to build artifacts with superhuman reason or to create machine superintelligences.

The book is committed to proving the thesis that powerful artificial intelligences will be realized in 21st-century computing technologies only when the theory of pure intelligence is constructed.

Reconsidering the fundamentals of reality and machine intelligence, the author argues that such theory presupposes development of a unified theory of reality representing its essential principles and general laws (physical, mental, social, and technological) as a single symbolism common to all domains of the world.

In the book it is cogently shown that to make the ultra-intelligent systems comprehending all substantial knowledge about the worlds of nature, mind, society, and technology, it is necessary to take the fundamental way: Theory of Reality - Mathematical Symbolism - (AI) Science - (AI) Practice, Technology.

Following this way, synthesizing the topmost categories of reality, the idea of pure intelligence, the major constructs and facts of science and mathematics, the author proposed a fundamental and programmable theory of powerfully intelligent machines.

The book persuasively proves that for building the ultra-intelligent artifacts there is hardly any other way except by synthesizing the highest intellectual achievements of the collective human minds in philosophy, science and mathematics and then embodying the symbolized universal knowledge into computing machines.

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