End of the Beginning by Tim Clayton, Phil Craig

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End of the Beginning
End of the Beginning
Tim Clayton, Phil Craig
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Hodder & Stoughton Ltd; First Edition edition (June 20, 2002)
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1942 - British troops are stranded in the desert, struggling to hold back Rommel's Afrika Corps. Hitler's armies have reached Moscow, and there are murmurs of discontent at home as new doubts emerge about Churchill's leadership. Elsewhere in Europe there is chilling evidence of the mounting persecution of the Jews, stretching from Poland to the Channel Islands. For many, it seems there is little hope. The authors use the personal testimony of ordinary people to tell the story of the war at a moment of great crisis. In this book we meet again some of the people first encountered in the authors' previous title "Finest Hour", and get to know many more. Troops fighting for Montgomery in the desert, RAF pilots bombing German towns, a young Jewish woman deported to Auschwitz from Guernsey, the reality of the Home Front - these stories and many more painting a picture of human endeavour in time of war. And, 60 years on from the Battle of Alamein, the book tells the contorversial truth about one of the most famous battles in history - the importance of its lesser-know predecessor and the months of bitter in-fighting between the Allied generals. The authors aim to debunk the myths and explore the realities of a crucial year in the history of Britain.

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