Your Goose Isn't Cooked... Yet! by Hal A. Huggins

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Your Goose Isn't Cooked... Yet!
Your Goose Isn't Cooked... Yet!
Hal A. Huggins
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Matrix, Inc. (January 2002)
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This is a WHY TO COOK / nutrition book designed to help you balance your own body chemistry and have fun in the kitchen. Foods that are not appropriate for a healthy chemistry are not found here.

ALSO, for the first time ever—HUGGINS' SECRETS! Well, Huggins and a dozen or so scientists and researchers who have been instrumental in actually causing the chemistries to move. The information that is usually given only during Dr. Huggins' lectures on body chemistry is included in mini-chapters throughout the book.

YOUR GOOSE ISN'T COOKED...YET! contains over 230 recipes that have been tested to make them taste better than the average health cookbook recipes and contain what is necessary for a healthy body chemistry.

Good tasting meals, yes, but the real value is in the explanations of what it takes to really create a healthy chemistry.

What do carbohydrates do to your chemistry?
How much protein is enough, too much or too little? How do you know?
How much salt do you need? What kind?
Same for fats.
How about fish as a source of protein? Based on what?

Valuable information that makes the difference between good health and excellent health is available for the very first time. Now you will know what Dr. Hal A. Huggins recommends after 33 years of balancing body chemistry, and, more importantly—why!

Your Goose Isn't Cooked... Yet! by Hal A. Huggins - free download