Europe since 1945: A concise history by J. Robert Wegs

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Europe since 1945: A concise history
Europe since 1945: A concise history
J. Robert Wegs
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St. Martin's Press; 2nd edition (1984)
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As Europe has expanded its influence in world economic and political affairs, there has been an increased need to understand how Europe recovered from the devastation of World War II to become a major world player. This concise history offers a comprehensive overview of Europe's political, social, economic and cultural developments since 1945.

J. Robert Wegs and Robert Ladrech balance a narrative of the major events and personalities of the post-war political scene with a critical assessment of key issues and themes, such as:
- the development of the welfare state
- European integration and the European Union
- the Cold War
- the rise and fall of the Soviet Empire
- the political-economic turmoil in eastern Europe since 1989
- the place of Europe in the globalisation of the world's political-economic affairs.
The text also features further reading sections at the end of each chapter to aid more detailed study, and is enhanced throughout with tables, maps and illustrations.

Written for students and general readers alike, this thoroughly revised, updated and expanded new edition is an ideal introduction for anyone with an interest in the history and politics of post-war Europe, east and west.

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