Remy Goes to Therapy by Shara Azod

Literature & Fiction | Erotica
Remy Goes to Therapy
Remy Goes to Therapy
Shara Azod
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Cacoethes Publishing House, LLC (August 15, 2008)
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Remy Goes to Therapy - Shara Azod
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Remy Goes to Therapy - Shara Azod
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He's playing you, Regina, she told herself. This is little more than a game to him. It might have been a game to him, but she was more than willing to play-for a little while anyway. A couple of days, max, and he would move on. He had to; Regina couldn't afford to let it last much more than that. Most of all, she needed to be sure she guarded her heart. Nothing good could come from falling for Remy Chevalier. Regina entered the kitchen more calmly than she'd left. Noting he had pulled a chair from the table, she sank into the seat to watch Remy work his magic at her stove. It was odd to watch him cook. He seemed completely comfortable, moving around the kitchen like a pro. She was surprised, but then again, she didn't know all that much about him. She remembered Angelique commenting that Remy often cooked for her and Thierry, but Regina had never given it more than a passing thought. "Here," Remy told her, handing her a glass of wine with a wink. "I stole a couple of bottles from Thierry and Angel." Regina took it. After a couple of sips, she couldn't resist asking. "Why are you here, really?" Remy sighed and turned to face her. He couldn't tell her the real reason: He couldn't stay away. He tried to, but every thought led right back to her. He loved being able to get under her skin a little bit, to ruffle her feathers. Regina was always so damn composed, it drove him crazy. He had not expected the dynamo in bed; but that made her all the more irresistible.

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