Tears From The Angels

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Tears From The Angels
Tears From The Angels
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AuthorHouse (January 9, 2007)
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This story begins with four young men each from very different backgrounds. Emil Slovak from Hungary and Luke Keegan from Ireland, both are poor immigrants, who for their own reasons journey to America. Emil because of a raging civil war and political unrest. It is his Mother's wish to have her family re-locate in America to pursue a better and a safer life.Luke Keegan a hot-headed Irishman who has pushed his luck to far once too often. His only recourse is immigrating to America. He and his new bride Catherine, who is now with child, leave everything behind to being a new and challenging life in America.Jacob Alexander Steward wealthy, socially prominent, and a victim of his own Naivete. He suffers through a miserable four year marriage one founded on lies and deception, until he finally re-discovers his Ellen."Red" Redman abandoned at birth he finds love and security with his adopted parents. In a cruel twist of fate "Red" is once again on his own. His adopted parents are killed and "Red" is left to the mercies of his father's greedy law firm. "Red" marries against the advice of his friends. Tessa is a wild young girl who works for a "Traveling Show". Tessa deserts "Red" and her infant daughter only to return to her old life and ways.These four men all coming from different personal, social and financial backgrounds will never meet, however, the lives of their wives and children do. Their decisions and Choices create a series of events that will forever link their lives and the lives of their children.Four young daughters, an innocent novitiate Sister Theresa Marie who fought against her father and grandmother's pressure that she marry and give them grandchildren. Entering the Convent for Theresa Marie was doing God's will, for which she had been chosen.Julia Steward strong -willed who entered the Sisterhood for personal reasons, not because of any strong religious conviction. She would rise to become Reverend Mother and use her intellect and family money to climb

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