People and Politics in the Middle East by Michael Curtis

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People and Politics in the Middle East
People and Politics in the Middle East
Michael Curtis
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Routledge; 1 edition (February 1, 1971)
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Eighteen eminent, contemporary scholars on the Middle East clarify the historical background of the Arab-Israeli conflict, present careful analyses of the economic, social and demographic aspects of the area, and lay the foundation for a better understanding of the relevant political problems on which a peaceful settlement rests. No. 1 in the series.Contents: Introduction - (Michael Curtis). PART ONE - ARABS AND JEWS IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Israel and Palestine: The Political Use of Ethics (Ben Halpern). Intergroup Relations in Israel (Hugh M. Smythe and Sandra Weintraub). Ethnic Relations in Israel (Yochanan Peres). The Palestine Arabs: A National Entity (Don Perer:). Who Are the Palestinians? (Marie Syrkin). DISCUSSION. PART TWO -ECONOMIC, HISTORICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL PERSPECTIVES. Economic Aspects of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Eliyahu Kanovsky). The Ba'ath In Syria (Sylvia G. Haim). .Arab Refugees and the Arab-Israeli Dilemma (Fred Khouri). The Second Arab Awakening (Jon Kimche). Demography and Geography in Palestine (Samuel Merlin). DISCUSSION. PART THREE - POLITICAL DYNAMICS AND THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT. Political Systems of the Middle East: Opening Remarks (Irving Louis Horowitz). The Fiasco of Anglo-American Middle East Policy (Amos Perlmutter). The Middle East and the Great Powers (F.H. Hinsley), Ending the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Yehoshafat Harkabi). Clashing Horizons: Arabs and Revolution (Abdul Aziz Said). The New Left and Israel (Shlomo Avineri). Closing Horizons: Israelis and Nationalism (Gil Carl Alroy). DISCUSSION.

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