The Guide to Mental Health for Nurses in Primary Care

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The Guide to Mental Health for Nurses in Primary Care
The Guide to Mental Health for Nurses in Primary Care
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Radcliffe Pub; 1 edition (June 1, 2002)
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As the 'first contact' service nurses and professionals allied to medicine in primary care have increasingly important roles in implementing the National Service Framework (NSF) standards for mental health. This book helps them play their part. It is a practical guide that describes what nurses can do on a daily basis to improve the care of people with mental health problems. It highlights the necessary tools and skills to identify those patients who need referral to a GP or community mental health nurse. The basis of the diagnostic criteria and clinical guidelines are from the World Health Organisation's Guide to Mental Health (UK version). This is an accessible yet comprehensive book that is essential reading for all health care professionals in this field. 'This book can provide a valuable resource and inspiration to all primary healthcare team members not just the health professionals within it. It will provide them not only with knowledge but also with a shared sense of purpose to plan and deliver a real team approach to mental health. The sum of the whole is always greater than the sum of all its parts. Above all it gives a sensible and balanced recognition to the vital contribution that all primary care nurses employed by or attached to the practice make to the mental health needs within their population' Jackie Carnell in the Foreword 'This book is written by and for nurses. It contains practical ideas and is not loaded with philosophical and theoretical concepts and jargon but is written in a style that also makes it accessible to the wider health and social care workforce carers and service users. The book reflects an up-to-date position and is challenging and realistic. It also adopts a pro-active stance that breaks new ground - its publication is timely' Godfrey Mazhindu in the Foreword

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