Bree's Fire by Eva Roy

Teen & Young Adult | Science Fiction & Fantasy
Bree's Fire
Bree's Fire
Eva Roy
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iUniverse (October 28, 2010)
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Bree Blake is just a normal teenager, living a normal life with her normal friends and normal family. She's normal, sure ... if it's normal to be able to spy on her boyfriend through visions and summon windstorms when she's angry. So maybe Bree Blake isn't so normal after all, but her uniqueness is her own little secret-that is, until the arrival of Andrew-a handsome Scottish boy who insists on becoming Bree's friend.

Bree suspects that Andrew may be onto her. She suspects he may know about her mysterious abilities, and this worries her. More worrisome, though, are the recent attempts on her life, which seem to coincide with Andrew's arrival.

Should Bree trust the sexy Scot, or should she avoid him altogether? Does she even have the willpower to avoid him? She may not have the freedom to make her own decision, as the secrets of her past bring them closer together. A story of love, magic, and mystery, Bree's Fire will make you believe in the unbelievable, as one young woman navigates her path through the ways of Wicca ... and, perhaps, love.

"I absolutely adored this thrilling page turner. I couldn't put it down and ended up getting lost in a magical world where romance and action intertwine perfectly."
Ariel Jorre de St. Jorre, sixteen year old reader

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