The Curse of Service

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The Curse of Service
The Curse of Service
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AuthorHouse (October 22, 2003)
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At the age of 60, happily married and teaching philosophy, Henry Jennings has no interest in disrupting his serene existence. Then a beautiful female espionage agent offers him a chance to help a loved one from his distant past. Professor Jennings loves philosophy because of its search for understanding and truth, and is reluctant to return to the world of espionage, which thrives on a diet of misunderstanding, deception, and the distortion of reality. His training in the Army as a Russian linguist, combined with his philosophical education in dialectic, logic, and problem solving, gave Henry the unique capability of being able at times to read his 'cold war' enemy's mind, and give that reading meaning. These talents lead him to IMASC, a private sector espionage operation that did things other agencies wouldn't do. After many years of taking on assignments that flew in the face of his innate ideals, he left IMASC. But Henry had a gift for espionage, and as that gift became known to others, he is once again asked to balance the opposite poles of truth and deception. Only this time, the stakes are the lives of those he loves.

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