South of Rio Chama by Lyn McConchie

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South of Rio Chama
South of Rio Chama
Lyn McConchie
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Chaco Canyon Books (September 25, 2009)
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South of Rio Chama by Lyn McConchie embodies the virtues that attract us to the Western story. Its main action, defending-or more precisely, retaking- a ranch from an unscrupulous man who wants to own it only so he can sell its herd of cattle for as much money as he can, is not unique. But it is to the core the stuff of a classic Western novel.

Illy McLeod's father, John McLeod, was gunned down by a stranger. Not long after, Cinch Jackson showed up at her ranch with a herd of stolen cattle and a handful of shifty-eyed, gunslinging cow hands. Now Illy is fighting to take back her ranch. But winter's coming, her cattle may die in the snows and to make matter's worse, Cinch has offered a reward to anyone that can find her and bring her to him. To marry! But Johnny Calder grew up on that ranch and he has an idea how to stop him. Problem is, it's hard to win a range war with only one woman, one young cowboy and one old rustler. But that's all he's got to work with. For now.

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