Huntimer: Families of Huntimer, Ancestors and Descendants by Loren H. Amundson

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Huntimer: Families of Huntimer, Ancestors and Descendants
Huntimer: Families of Huntimer, Ancestors and Descendants
Loren H. Amundson
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Author Loren H. Amundson is a fifth-generation native of Colton, Minnehaha County, South Dakota. Great-great-grandparents rest in five cemeteries in the county with many of their descendants in these and other cemeteries. He has spent all but five years of his life as a resident of his home state, forty-four back in Minnehaha County. Dr. Amundson is not new to writing and publishing. His long career in clinical family practice and academic family medicine allowed him the opportunity to create educational programs, conduct clinical research projects, and edit and publish medical quarterlies. From these activities came over fifty peer-reviewed chapters and papers in refereed medical journals and books. He retired as professor emeritus of family medicine from the USD School of Medicine in 1996, having founded the department in 1974. Since then he and his Minnesota born-and-raised wife Mavis have traveled widely in addition to being co-cheerleaders with their two children and spouses for many academic, arts and sports endeavors of their five grandchildren, most now young adults. They became first-time great-grandparents of Lucas in June of 2008 to add a new generation to their family lives. In the waning years of the twentieth century, family genealogy became a way of life for him. Combined family studies led to six books being published to tell their stories and histories. Having completed the Norwegian, Swedes and More series in early 2007, he now produces genealogical histories for family members, friends, and others who have provided considerable history on collateral or extended families. Enjoy.

Huntimer: Families of Huntimer, Ancestors and Descendants by Loren H. Amundson - free download